Debería esperar eso: precios para el Samsung Galaxy S20

Look here, this is the Samsung Galaxy S20 + (pictures)

You should expect that: pricing for the Samsung Galaxy S20

Samsung won’t release the Galaxy S20 + until February, but the first photos are out now. The already unpopular Bixby button is no longer included.

We have to wait exactly a month for the Samsung Galaxy S20 +, but the first live photos of a demo model are already available today. As a sticker on the back of the Android smartphone clearly reveals, the photographed device is kept secret. It probably didn’t work until the last day, at Samsung some people should be pretty mad now. With these new photos, some details are finally confirmed, some of which are already known.

Samsung cancels the Bixby button

Is this a definite ending for Bixby that Samsung hereby confirms? At least so it seems, according to XDA Devs, there is no longer a Bixby button on the left side of the case. Therefore, Samsung is likely to rely more on the competition, such as the Google Assistant. Also on display: a main camera on the back with a total of four sensors and now a single front camera.

Another photo reveals that the Galaxy S20 + will also be available as a 5G variant. In the previous year there was still a separate model in the S10 series, which, however, had the largest display in the entire series. The Galaxy S20 + represents the middle of the S20 series. Definitive details about the new Samsung Galaxy S20 + are still missing, the technical data is not fully known despite the new photos.