Mirando las cámaras de otros usuarios: Xiaomi admite errores y los corrige

Looking at other users’ cameras: Xiaomi admits errors and fixes them

Looking at other users' cameras: Xiaomi admits errors and fixes them

Due to a bug, Xiaomi offered some Nest Hub owners a view of someone else’s bedroom, now there is an explanation for the incident.

Xiaomi has responded to the problems of the last hours in a statement. In fact, a mistake of its own ensured that only a few users had a still image from other users’ security cameras. A little disaster though, because how can users re-build trust in Xiaomi security cameras? Such an error seems reproducible. In a short statement, Xiaomi shared what the error was and what triggered it. Whether that’s enough for your own clients is another matter.

Briefly on the current state of affairs: A few hours before this statement, users reported that they had seen a random image from other users’ cameras when looking at their Xiaomi security camera through their Google Nest Hub. Only still images, but from other users. We now apologize for these circumstances. Also, Xiaomi tries to give an explanation of how this could happen.

Bad camera image – The server-side bug is said to have only affected a few users

Xiaomi now says that a cache update on December 26, 2019 caused this problem. Actually, this update should improve the quality of the broadcast and not allow a view to other rooms. However, there would only be 1044 users using the Mi Home Security Camera Basic with Google Home Hub and only a fraction could be affected. The basis of the error was a bad network connection between the users and thus the cache had to intervene accordingly.

“Since then, our team has acted immediately to resolve the issue and it is now fixed. Upon investigation, we discovered that the issue was caused by a cache update on December 26, 2019, which was intended to improve the streaming quality of the camera. This has only happened in extremely rare conditions. In this case, it happened during the integration between the Mi Home Security Camera Basic 1080p and the Google Home Hub with a screen in poor network conditions.

We have also found that 1044 users have such integrations and only a few with extremely poor network conditions could be affected. This problem does not occur when the camera is connected to the Xiaomi Mi Home application “.

Xiaomi says that it is in contact with Google and has shut down relevant services until the issues have been fully resolved.

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