Lorde hace sus propias tarjetas de Navidad

Lorde makes her own Christmas cards

Lorde makes her own Christmas cards


wantedon December 23, 2014 | 10:55

Although Lorde from New Zealand is clearly one of the young ladies in the music business, she is apparently quite old-fashioned when it comes to Christmas greetings. The 18-year-old makes her Christmas cards herself!

Lorde sends Christmas greetings

Just sleep one more time, then the time has finally come – the carefully selected Christmas gifts can finally be freed from the colored paper and you can be happy! Anyone who has a very special reason to be happy this year are the loved ones of singer Lorde. Sweet New Zealander is a little late this year, but Lorde went out of her way to make her Christmas cards.

After all, Lorde, like millions of other people, didn’t just walk into a store and carelessly buy some Christmas cards, the 18-year-old chose to help out herself. “A little late, but your artistically handcrafted Christmas cards are on the wayLorde posted her creative Christmas greetings on Instagram and then sent out a sweet domino “I love you! “.

Lorde: Spoiler alert on the front of the map!

Lorde makes her own letters

But obviously Lorde can’t get out of her young skin. Rather than surprise his loved ones in the mail, he posted a photo of his lovingly designed Christmas cards in advance on Instagram.. Your friends will definitely be happy two or three times for the little gift. Lorde probably had reasonable doubts about whether the cards would reach their recipients in time for Christmas.

Better late than never! Especially in times of Facebook, Instagram and co, we look forward to receiving some personal greetings that come to us in the mail. Handmade is still the most beautiful, Lorde has gotten it too and hits the mark with her self-made holiday cards.

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