Bajar de peso: ¡no así!

Lose weight: not like this!

Lose weight: not like this!

Countless diets are designed so that you only eat certain ingredients for a set amount of time or don’t eat certain nutrients like carbohydrates and fat together. During the starvation diet, you will surely avoid sweets and other foods that are not good for your body. Unfortunately, many diets don’t tell you that the well-known yo-yo effect sets in as soon as you resume your normal eating habits. In a short time you will return to your initial weight or bring a few more kilos on the scale. So lose weight on anything but healthy. We tell you which three diets you should not try under any circumstances.

All three diets would feed you unilaterally and lead to long-term deficiency symptoms, as you lack important nutrients like carbohydrates, protein, fat, minerals, and vitamins. Especially when you are growing up, it is particularly important that you eat a balanced diet and play sports. If you want to lose weight and have to stay that way for a long time, the diet test from the nutrition portal will help you permanently change your diet.

Slimfast diet