Bajar de peso sin dieta

Lose weight without diet

Lose weight without diet

++ Failed New Years Resolution ++

“This year I want to lose weight and go on a diet!”, Who does not know this phrase. Every year you aim to achieve a slimmer and more toned figure, but implementation is often not easy. The best diets are touted in magazines every spring, but they usually don’t look good and they don’t make you happy.

Diet as a cheat to lose weight

Many girls who have had a few extra pounds off their hips for a long time and who plan to lose them on a strict starvation diet will look around. how quickly you regain the pounds you lost after the radical diet.

When fasting, your energy metabolism drops dramatically at first. Therefore, the body is in the background. Do you eat after diet normal again, you gain weight quickly because your metabolism doesn’t change right away.

++ Psychological terror in diets ++

But dieting isn’t just for your body unhealthy, but also for your head. You feel like a piece of chocolate, but you cannot eat chocolate. You want a sip of Coca-Cola, but you can’t drink Coca-Cola. Then the chocolate billboards will catch your eye and you won’t allow your colleagues a single sip of Coca-Cola during the break. This is a real psychological terror for your well-being!

Above all, the desire for something sweet tempts us back then sneak into the fridge or candy drawer at night and stuff ourselves with chocolate. Then we laugh at ourselves more than at others.

So dieting really puts you in a bad mood! And they are not a permanent solution …

++ Lose weight properly without diet ++

Therefore, strict calorie counting and huge forgoing are not a solution. Is better than to change whole eating habits. For example, it is important that you really only eat when you are hungry So not out of boredom, frustration, or as a reward after homework.

You should also get your Enjoy the food. Don’t swallow your dinner, eat slowly and mindfully so you know when you’re full. At night there is something instead ofthe bag of chips in front of the television, a some carrots and cucumbers plus a delicious sauce.

++ Sport is not murder! ++

And last but not least: sport is not murder! Why don’t you ride your bike to school or town? Also, the following apply: Do not use an elevator and yes, do not use the escalators, but always choose the levels. Instead of constantly with yours Girlfriend to “whatsappen”, you can go with her happen. He is definitely happy and you move!

But running with the girls is also a lot more fun than expected. And even if you’re huddled with laughter because of all the funny stories and can barely move forward, you’re in a fresh mood, walking in front of you, and even that is really healthy.