Perder peso con proteínas, ¿realmente funciona?

Losing weight with protein, does it really work?

Losing weight with protein, does it really work?

In fact, I have avoided carbs for 5 days and even started with a scrambled egg in the morning. At lunchtime, I looked a little jealous at the carbohydrates on someone else’s plates and ate my helping of a salad with turkey or fish.. At night there were eggs again! I still think it’s okay, let’s see how long it will last!According to the scale, I have not lost anything so far – but I didn’t gain weight either – although I did eat a lot of eggs, meat, and nuts! I’m excited to see what next week looks like; maybe mine will develop positively by then Online success tool!You feel too fat Check here if you are really overweight or simply misinterpreting: Am I overweight? Or wrong self-awareness?

Lose Weight with Protein – Week 2

It’s already more than two weeks without carbohydrates! Do you already see a difference in the balance? Are the jeans looser already? Kiki from Mä dares to experiment for himself and tries the nutritional concept “10 weeks of body change – I make you sexy” by Detlef D! Soost.I am satisfied: I have lost 1 kilo so far, and all without starving. I even have the feeling that I am eating much more than usual and I am still losing weight (albeit slowly but surely). Once you get used to avoiding carbohydrates, it is relatively easy. You can feast once a week, which, of course, I enjoy the most.

to bake. A delicious change. At lunchtime there is no problem doing without carbohydrates, delicious salads or meat with vegetables always taste good, and from time to time you can indulge yourself with a plate of kebab. With this change in diet, it is important to eat legumes, preferably once a day – what my creativity demands in the kitchen: what you can evoke from chickpeas, beans and lentils.Conclusion after two and a half weeks: this change in diet is absolutely possible, you fill up and it’s even fun; I can’t say you’ve lost a lot of weight so far.Do you also want to do something for your figure? We have great flat stomach fitness exercises for you!

Lose Weight with Protein – Week 3

“Oh no!”. Looking at the scale this morning was not a happy surprise, but the devastating truth: I did not lose weight!I’m a bit disappointed, after all when it comes to nutrition, it was good and avoided carbs. I also made fitness videos of D! And I also went snowboarding on the weekend. However, the scale does not want to show a different weight than last week. even a little more is on the screen.I read in the directory of questions and answers of the program “10 weeks – Body change”: “In women, weight fluctuations can also be related to the monthly cycle. Up to eight days before the period, the body stores more water and can safely ignore the weight and girth values ​​”. I hope that is the reason for the stagnation of the balance. Otherwise I’m still fine, even if this week it was more difficult for me to go without candy six days a week. After the exercise video, you can eat fruits or dairy products. I had completely forgotten how good an apple tastes!

Still, I feel good and fit. Before changing my diet, I often had the feeling that I was about to explode, even after normal-size portions. Sometimes I felt really bad after eating, I felt so supercharged. That is no longer the case.

Lose Weight with Protein – Week 4

Well, I’ll admit that this week she was not disciplined. So the weight on the scale this morning was not a disappointment, but the logical receipt of my many little exceptions during the week.After three weeks without carbohydrates, but unfortunately also without much weight loss success, my motivation dropped significantly. Sometimes a piece of chocolate can’t be that bad and the milk in the “coffee to go” probably won’t be that bad either, I thought. And after all the little exceptions, there comes a point where it doesn’t matter and you happily bite and eat.The crazy thing was: I didn’t feel good at all. Not because I had a guilty conscience (that would go a bit far) but because I got this uncomfortable feeling of satiety again. I felt totally full. And that’s why I have made up my mind for this week: Exceptions are taboo! Not even a tiny, tiny piece of chocolate is allowed.Still, this nutritional concept doesn’t really seem ideal to me. If you look at the “10 Week Body Change” Facebook page, you can read completely different success stories: “9 kilos in 30 days”, “5 kilos in 2 weeks”. I will continue to make sure to stick to the nutritional concept: because I feel good about nutrition and also about D’s fitness videos! make fun of me. But he doesn’t seem to have much success with that!

Lose weight with protein – week 5

Halftime! Already 5 weeks without carbohydrates and with more exercise. After a few “ups and downs” now the weight is down again, thankfully. After the last week was not exactly crowned with success (which didn’t surprise me after the sweets), today Libra was a little more positive again. One kilo less now makes a total of two kilograms less since the diet change began. These aren’t big hits, but they are fine and certainly healthy at this rate.I have to admit that it slowly bothers me to go without pasta or other delicious side dishes at lunchtime, but I persist. Then I imagine how I’m going to plaster all of this that loading day. The week was always sporty! The fitness videos of D! they are becoming more vigorous and energetic. But that’s a good thing, after all, slowly I also want to see hits.Conclusion after five weeks: D! ‘S “I make you sexy – 10 weeks body change” is doable, but unfortunately not really successful for me. I certainly won’t lose 20 kilos in 10 weeks, but I still feel good and fit. Every now and then I have a craving for chocolate or bread, but I’m never hungry.

Lose Weight with Protein – Week 6

Summer comes with big steps and somehow I only get closer to the figure of my dreams with small steps, but at least I don’t get away from her! Since last week I have lost a pound more. In addition to the sports videos of D! Yes, I generally try to eat less. Gone are the days when you ate nuts or hard boiled eggs with relish. Now there is a lot of raw food and there are still no carbohydrates. But I’m still fine. In the latest video, D !, an avowed lover of mashed potatoes, shows how to make a delicious mashed cauliflower. Pureed vegetables look appetizing, they are refined with ingredients like horseradish and mustard and are supposed to be an ideal substitute for mashed potatoes its. I really have to try that, and I also have to figure out how to move without straining my abs. In the two fitness videos of the sixth week it says focus on the stomach. In addition to abs and crunches, D! tons of other abs workout (and torture) ideas, click on those Image gallery with the best exercises for flat stomach!

Lose Weight with Protein – Week 7

When I look at the calendar, I can hardly believe it. For seven weeks I have been (more or less) carb free! After this time, the step on the scale is fine. In the seventh week I lost a pound again. In total, that’s 3 kilos less since the diet change began. I am happy. I also feel great, which I notice especially on Loadt days. Although later I feast very tasty and with great pleasure, But afterwards I always feel completely covered in sugar and filling.

… Already half a spoon cinnamon reduces our insulin levels by 30 percent. This facilitates weight loss and prevents hunger pangs. A good alternative to sugar in coffee.

ginger he is a real shaker. With the balsam oleoresin contained in fresh ginger root, ginger heats up our metabolism and therefore burns energy.

Green Tea accelerates the burning of adipose tissue. Ingredients like caffeine and tea promote fat burning and mobilize metabolism.