Louis Tomlinson confirma la paternidad

Louis Tomlinson confirms paternity

Louis Tomlinson confirms paternity

Happy dad

wantedthe 08/05/2015 | 09:47

Actually, we already knew: Louis Tomlinson is going to be a father. Now, however, the One Direction singer has confirmed the baby rumors circulating since July for the first time.

It was more of an unplanned admission. After an appearance by One Direction on “Good Morning America,” where the band performed their song “Story Of My Life” and their new hit “Drag Me Down,” host Michael Strahan Louis Tomlinson urged him in the friendliest way to to confirm your paternity. “Louis, father to father, I would like to congratulate you on your impending fatherhood,” said the moderator, waiting for Louis Tomlinson to respond out of a polite reflex. It worked, and thus the 23-year-old publicly commented on his fatherly happiness for the first time.

It’s going to be an exciting time for future father Louis Tomlinson

“Thank you, of course it’s a very exciting time for me,” replied Louis Tomlinson, who remained calm despite the siege by Michael Strahan. Fans in the audience cheered in excitement at his confession and Louis couldn’t help but smile in embarrassment. Now the cat is finally out of the bag: In a few months, Louis Tomlinson’s good friend and stylist Briana Jungwirth will give birth to One Direction’s first offspring.

Louis Tomlinson has two reasons to be happy

Strahan asked Louis Tomlinson and his One Direction colleagues about his relationship with Zayn Malik, who announced his departure from the band in March. Zayn had expressed his support for 1D on Twitter a few days ago when he tweeted “Proud of my boys. The new single is amazing. “ “The last time he visited us, there were five of them. How does it feel to be four now? Michael Strahan asked. “If you lose a member of the team, the remaining members have to come closer,” explained Liam Payne, “but we’re still doing great and that’s what our new album is about.” The One Directioner is right, because the band is doing very well now again: the new single “Drag Me Down” is currently at # 1 on the charts in 86 countries.

So you can congratulate Louis Tomlinson twice: on the upcoming fatherhood and on the mega success of the new One Direction song. Congratulations Louis!

Image Source: Getty Images / Stephen Lovekin