Louis Tomlinson: así reaccionó su ex a la noticia del bebé

Louis Tomlinson: this is how his ex reacted to the news of the baby

Louis Tomlinson: this is how his ex reacted to the news of the baby

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wantedon 07/16/2015 | 10:56

For nearly four years, Eleanor Calder and Louis Tomlinson were one heart and one soul, until the two suddenly ended their relationship last March. Still, his ex-girlfriend’s one-way hottie, of course, is not indifferent. So she was anything but thrilled when a rumor spread Tuesday that Louis Tomlinson and his new girlfriend, Briana Jungwirth, should have a child.

Although neither Louis Tomlinson nor Briana Jungwirth have officially confirmed that the singer will truly be a father, there is still great excitement among the Directioners. After all, new initiates speak almost every hour in more detail. Eleanor Calder, Louis Tomlinson’s ex-partner, is said to have found out about the alleged pregnancy. As expected, the enthusiasm should have been limited. Eleanor was surprised when she heard the news, and even felt a kind of rumbling in her stomach. It is not that they have been separated for long, “informed an insider to the online portal” HollywoodLife. “

Louis Tomlinson: Did you hurt Eleanor Calder?

After all, Eleanor Calder didn’t seem to have to get the news from the newspaper. Instead, he is said to have informed one of Louis Tomlinson’s most important caretakers. “Louis’s mother told him, they still get along,” revealed the source. However, it is said that this personal notification did not mitigate the impact. “That’s not the kind of message you want to hear as an ex-girlfriend, especially when you’ve been with someone for so long and the next best person to come out gets pregnant right away.”explained the supposed acquaintance of Louis Tomlinson.

Louis Tomlinson: Did you get a letter from Zayn Malik?

While the baby rumors may have significantly torpedoed the relationship with Eleanor Calder, they appear to help Louis Tomlinson elsewhere. Zayn Malik is said to have already congratulated his former bandmate. “Zayn wrote a very open, honest and emotional letter to Louis congratulating him. Zayn wrote to him saying that he believed Louis would make a great father and how proud he was of his friend. This actually brought tears to her eyes, ”said another source from the celebrity portal. Apparently at least Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik seem to be closing in after the speculation.That Louis Tomlinson’s ex isn’t exactly happy with the latest developments shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Who likes to hear that their own ex-boyfriend is supposed to become a father only a few months after the split? A clarifying discussion will probably be necessary if the rumors are confirmed …

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