Amor, sentimientos, estrés & amp;  Co: ¡Aquí se necesita tu opinión!

Love, feelings, stress & amp; Co: Your opinion is needed here!

Love, feelings, stress & amp;  Co: Your opinion is needed here!

Just in a good mood, now the mood is bad? Then, ease your anger by answering our question “How do you feel now?” Air. Of course, it’s also great if you’ve just experienced something incredibly beautiful and want to share it with everyone.

What makes you really happy? Are the simple things in life like good weather and enough chocolate under the bed or are you waiting for a great love? Tell us and other Mä users.

You are a master of building castles in the air and you have countless wishes. Well, who doesn’t have them;). But have you been granted a great wish? Write us what wish has come true for you!

From joy and wishes to harsh reality: guys! There are many things that we don’t understand about them and, of course, many things that girls bother us about boys. We want to hear from you: What bothers you the most about boys?

And yet, without the boys, life would be half as good, right? Especially when they’re cute star kids like Zac Efron or Chace Crawford. If you could choose, which star would you date?

When it comes to love, sex, relationships and flirting, we want to hear exactly from you. That’s why we hit you in the girls trivia game! Tell us your first sentence in a hot flirtation, your most beautiful declaration of love, your most romantic love SMS and the moment with your loved one that was so perfect that it can no longer be finished.

Sure, love has its downsides too. That is why we ask: “Do you have good advice against love sickness?” and “Have you ever experienced impossible love?” Also: “What mishap do you fear during sex?”

Get out of the pink cloud! Now! Because next to love there is also school. And sometimes it can be just as stressful as children. Especially when it comes to studying for exams! So: Tell us and the users of Mä your own learning tip!