"El amor es ciego": estas parejas del programa de Netflix todavía están juntas

“Love is blind”: these couples from the Netflix show are still together

Is love blind?

The strange dating show “Love is blind” (German title: “Liebe macht blind”) unexpectedly became a hit for Netflix. We’ve already told you here why the show excites us and makes us addicted at the same time. In fact, some couples met on the show, some even got married. But which ones are still together today? The great spectacle of the meeting gave him away.

It has been more than a year since the first season was filmed, as confirmed by the refinery candidate Damian29. Two couples got married in the grand finale: Amber and Barnett and Lauren and Cameron. So their marriage now had some time to settle …

Are Amber and Barnett still together?

Yes they did it! But are Amber and Barnett still doing it?

Although there were still often arguments between the two, Barnett still resists on the wedding day and last but not least, candidate Jessica repeatedly tried to win him over more or less subtly, the two of them said yes. And they are actually still married today!

Even if Amber says on the reunion schedule that she was about to file for divorce, the two of them were able to recover and look very familiar and happy, at least on the reunion schedule. They say they have stopped projecting their special expectations of a good husband or wife onto the other. Since then, things have been going very well. He also made it very clear to competitor Jessica, to whom he again made an angry announcement about how insidious they had been on the show. HUGS AND KISSES!

What about Lauren and Cameron?

Cameron and his Lauren were also married at the end of the season.

They were the famous dream couple from “Love is Blind”: Lauren and Cameron! The two were really looking forward to getting married. And they did. As it turned out on the reunion schedule, that was the right decision, because the two of them are still happy today! They also say that their families get along very well, that Cameron’s father and Lauren really get along (he had concerns at first) and that they have a cute puppy. Aww!

What happened to the other couples in “Love is blind”?

There are sweet messages from Giannina and Damian, who had a lot of problems during the season …

As we know, the ending didn’t look so rosy for the other couples on the show. So what is the current state of them? Summarized:

  • Giannina and Damian: The big surprise at the reunion show came from these two. After the drama in front of the altar and many discussions, the two seem to have gotten together. Because they are together today and they seemed happier than ever!
  • Kelly and Kenny: Unfortunately, the sympathy was not enough for the two and they are still separated today. Kelly is single, Kenny has now found his love outside of the show.
  • Diamond and Carlton: What broke early in a big row at least gets a friendly shot again today. Because Carlton was understanding and purified when they saw each other. He did wrong and gave Diamond his wedding ring again as a token of his deep sympathy. She agreed and, after his apology, would like to maintain a friendly relationship with him.
  • Jessica and Marc: A love that was probably doomed from the start because Jessica could never really get involved with Marc, who was 10 years her junior. The two are still single today, but they wish each other the best.

We are definitely happy that married couples are still in a relationship and that Giannina and Damian have met again away from the cameras. And keep looking forward to a second season of “Love is blind”!

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