Love Island: se encendió con estas parejas

Love Island: it went on with these couples

Love Island: it went on with these couples


Last night the time had come: the TV show “Love Island” with host Jana Ina Zarrella moved on to the next round. There was already a spark between these couples on the first night.

After the great success of the first season, the next round of the popular dome show “Love Island” started yesterday on RTL II. A total of 11 singles moved to the luxury villa in Mallorca to find their great love for the next three weeks . Because the concept of the show is: Anyone who is single will be expelled. In the end, the public decides who is the most beautiful couple and which candidates can bid above 50,000 euros.

These are the couples after yesterday’s “mating ceremony”:

Natascha and Tobias

Tobias was the first to make his grand entrance yesterday. His choice fell on Natascha, the first woman to step forward to show interest. “She came up to me, that’s already a compliment!” Enthused the painter and varnish later. But does that mean anything? Natascha’s answer suggests otherwise. “Don’t imagine too much now, I did it tactically. First one insured, but still open to everything “, he answered with confidence.

Lisa and up

The second candidate, Lifeguard Till, is also very confident in himself. “Everything is great with me! My name is Arielle too: half human, half tail ”, she introduces herself. Lisa seems to like that. She takes a step forward and is chosen by Till. Later in the interview, however, she said, “I don’t want a partner who just wants to sleep.” We are curious to see what Till’s intentions are.

Marcellino and Sabrina

The third couple of “Love Island” is formed by Sabrina, the “Ferrari among the singles” and Marcellino, the “Rolls Royce” among the candidates. So we may be curious if they will drive into sunset together in the next few weeks or if one of them will try to overtake.

Yanik and Julia

Yanik, the fourth man of the group, surprises above all with his six-pack and makes the eyes of all the women shine. In the end, his choice falls on Julia, the teacher student from Cölbe, who even seems a bit in love at the end of the show. Is something else going on?

Victor and Tracy

The latest couple consists of Tracy, who wants to find “the man for life” on the island, and the cheerful 20-year-old Victor. Apparently not a good combination just visually. The two spend the first night separately, Tracy sleeps on the couch and even cries. Apparently just because he misses his family so much, as he later explains to Victor. You really can’t believe it!

But maybe it will dry Tracy’s tears soon! Because this season there is a surprise on “Love Island”. There is another candidate. Sebastian, the student from Bavaria, already had 24 hours to meet the singles and now he can relax the wife of one of his classmates!

Who Sebastian has decided and which candidate will end up without a woman by his side will be revealed on the next episode of “Love Island” at 10:15 pm on RTL II.

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