Amor en Miley

Love on miley

Love on miley

During the filming of “With You By My Side”, the “Hannah Montana” actress and the cute Australian met and loved each other. The two young Hollywood stars lived together in their parents’ house and always looked happy and in love in the pictures. Did Miley’s career destroy this love?

Miley Cyrus is filming “LOL” in Detroit and barely has time for a relationship. It is also said that Liam was extremely jealous. He did not like the sexy new stage costumes of the 17-year-olds. Is that really the reason for the separation? Or do the two of you just have a break from the relationship? A friend of Liam revealed: “They are both young. To say that they have parted forever and ever is immature. But the truth is that they both prefer to do their thing right now. “

The breakup seems to put off her former dream partner quite a bit – Miley is concentrating on her career and Liam has reportedly been seen with other girls. At the “Kids Choice Award” in October, the two are nominated in the “Most Beautiful Couple” category – they probably won’t be able to take this win home!

What do you think is the real reason for separating her from Liam? Do you think the two of you will get back together?