Amor debajo del agua

Love under water

Love under water

+ Shoot hot underwater

Diving with fellow model Bobby is hot and sexy. Lots of skin, flirting, and more? With Sarah-Anessa it almost seems like this, Thomas Rath wonders: “They kiss?”

What seems like a casual romp in the pool isn’t so easy for the GNTM girls. “It’s incredibly difficult to look really good underwater. You have to keep your eyes open, you have to try to strike a nice pose and, above all, the girls have to be there because you don’t have so many takes “, meet Thomas Hayo.

+ Who will reach the final safely?

Now it’s getting serious, because Heidi and her two Thomas are offering the top 6 in Germanys Next Topmodel 2012 – an incredible opportunity! The best girl will go straight to the final this week. Kasia sums it up: “Now it’s about the sausage, the really big, fat sausage! That is why we are stepping on the accelerator ”.

+ Pure poses in GNTM

The task sounds simple: just pose in front of a white wall. The girls quickly notice that mastering this challenge is quite tricky. Why is that so important anyway? “Every fashion magazine has a series that was photographed with a simple background. It’s about fashion (…) These sessions are usually the most difficult because you have to offer a wide variety of poses ”.Who can prove themselves and who fails in front of the camera?

You can find out all this and more on Thursday at 8:15 PM in Pro Sieben at GNTM 2012.

You can find all the information about GNTM 2012 in GNTM Special. Here are all the candidates again for an overview: