A los amantes de las series de misterio les encantará "Los inocentes".

Lovers of mystery series will love “The Innocents.”

Lovers of mystery series will love it "The inocents".

On Netflix

So what am I looking at next? Streaming portals like Netflix are both a blessing and a curse. Because once a series truly captivates you, it usually doesn’t take long to get rid of all the episodes. And then you need supplies! So if you’ve already done “The Rain,” “Dark,” “Stranger Things,” and company and are now on solid ground, “The Innocents” is exactly the series for you.

Do you love everything supernatural? After celebrating “Buffy,” “Heroes,” and “Vampire Diaries” as teenagers, the Netflix mystery series of recent years came at the right time. And after “Stranger Things”, “Dark”, “The OA” and company, “The Innocents” will also make us astonished and shudder. At least that’s what the new trailer promises!

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It is about a young woman named June McDaniel (Sorcha Groundsell) who has a supernatural gift. Like her mother, the adolescent has the ability to look like other people. But talent turns out to be a danger that could prove fatal to June and her friend Harry (Percelle Ascott), who she ran away with together.

When does the new series start?

Netflix’s British internal production will be available on the streaming portal from August 24. In season one, you can look forward to eight episodes, which, as exciting as the trailer is, you will surely have seen it in record time.

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What do you think of the trailer for “The Innocents”? Do you like mystery series like “Heroes”, “The OA” or “The Rain”? Let us know in the comments below this article or on Facebook if you will see the new series. In any case, I can’t wait and I’m sure I’ll be in front of the screen from August 24th …