Die O2-Zentrale in München mit grüner Ampel

LTE on O2: the network operator makes this great promise

Die O2-Zentrale in München mit grüner Ampel

Telefónica Deutschland plans to invest several billion euros in its own mobile network in the coming years. In addition to 5G, this also and above all applies to the further expansion of the LTE network. The network operator “will continue the intensive expansion of LTE infrastructure in rural areas,” says a current statement from O2.

The intense expansion of the LTE infrastructure will continue in order to gain additional customers and market shares. At the same time, O2 wants to create the technical prerequisites for future 5G expansion. The specific promise of the Munich-based provider: in 2020 they want to build or expand more than 10,000 LTE locations. O2 had promised this number of locations for the year ending. The start of 5G is also pending.

O2: LTE for 99 percent of homes in one year

If this project is implemented, O2 will reach 99 percent of “high-speed LTE” homes by the end of 2020. And: O2’s UMTS network is off.

In order to expand the network coverage as quickly as possible, Telefónica Deutschland relies on cooperation with its competitors. In addition to plans with Deutsche Telekom and Vodafone to jointly establish 6,000 mobile network locations, Telefónica Deutschland is in talks about other options to make network expansion more commercially attractive. However, O2 did not reveal what these are in detail.

For comparison: According to its own information, Telekom currently reaches 97.9 percent of the population and is also planning a massive expansion in the coming years.