Bonnie Strange de suerte: ¿está comprometida?

Lucky Bonnie Strange: Is She Engaged?

Lucky Bonnie Strange: Is She Engaged?

Lightning engagement?

wantedon 10/20/2014 | 11:34

After Bonnie Strange and artist Carl Jakob Haupt tied the knot in the middle of this year, the model seems to have found a new love. It is even rumored if the two lovebirds are not engaged yet …

After just one year of marriage it was over: Bonnie Strange and fashion blogger Carl Jakob Haupt announced their separation. “I’m very sad,” Bonnie Strange told the “Bild” newspaper, “We had a great time together. But now we have realized that it is better for both of us to be apart. ” Perhaps because Bonnie Strange had already turned her attention to a new flame? Is now the model in steady hands again.

Bonnie Strange has a new flame

Like her, Bonnie Strange’s new pick is a platinum blonde, she has a lot of tattoos and piercings, and therefore fits perfectly into her prey scheme. “His name is Ken and he lives in London”Bonnie Strange revealed the “image.” They met six weeks ago while working in the Spanish capital, Madrid. It’s no wonder romantic feelings developed quickly in such an exotic setting.

Bonnie Strange believes in a long relationship

How serious Bonnie Strange and Ken are is shown by their mutual love relationship: the two lovebirds were at the height of their funky looks and got the first letters of your loved one tattooed on their ring finger. Is there a compromise in sight? Bonnie Strange at least thinks Ken is the right person: “I hope it lasts between us!”

Bonnie Strange already has a new boyfriend shortly after her breakup with Carl Jakob Haupt and seems to be very happy with him. After a few weeks, she had her initials etched into her skin. Hopefully the model won’t rush to do anything, but it will take a bit of time with another commitment.

Image Source: Instagram / Bonniestrange