¡Luisa es GNTM 2012!

Luisa is GNTM 2012!

Luisa is GNTM 2012!

+ + 10:52 pm: LUISA IS THE NEXT TOPMODEL 2012 OF GERMANY! + + Louise (17) is the radiant winner of GNTM 2012! She deserves it! We say: Congratulations! What do you say about it?+ + 10:48 pm: Who will be Germany’s Next Top Model in 2012? + + We have waited a long time for this moment. A decision will soon be made who will be Germany’s Next Top Model in 2012. Who are you tapping on?+ + 10:38 pm: Luisa vs. Sarah-Anessa ++ Now it’s about the sausage! Luisa and Sarah-Anessa have to give it their all again for the last ride and the final shoot. The walk begins with Beyoncé’s “Run the World” and the two pose in a chair for their last and most important photo …+ + 10:23 pm: Justin Bieber with “Boyfriend” + +There is no time to be sad, because now a true superstar is taking the stage. “If I was your boyfriend, I would never let you go”, Justin Bieber breathes and presents a great choreography. After the appearance, Heidi tries to talk to him about one of his girls for his next video. Let’s see if we’ll soon see a GNTM candidate dancing to a Biebs clip! 😉+ + 10:21 pm: Dominique is out! + + Luisa enters the top 2 first! Sarah-Anessa follows him. For Dominique, the dream of GNTM 2012 has exploded. What do you say about it?+ + 10:05 pm: The next decision! + + Sarah-Anessa, Luisa, and Dominique stand in front of the jury. Who has to say goodbye second?+ + 21:55: Sara and the Top 18 Walk + + The audience has decided: Sara can lead the Top 18 walk! As Maroon 5 performs “Moves like Jagger” and “Payphone,” Heidi’s 18 most beautiful girls race again in front of 15,000 fans. Flashy underwear, heart wings and loose skirts adorn the girls. That reminds a lot of Victoria’s Secret …+ + 9:50 pm: Enter Jorge González! + +Catwalk trainer Jorge “Chchorrrchche” González enters the stage in a glitter jumpsuit and the obligatory killer heels and performs a choreography for his song “Don’t touch my shoes”. How did you like it? And you?+ + 21:36: The great review + + Rebecca Mir shows a talent for restraint. She announces the big revision of the season with confidence and without errors in the text. Is Heidi still upset for choosing Jana over Rebecca as the winner in 2011?+ + 9:15 pm: Flight photo session + + The 3 best girls have to master a shoot at a dizzying height: secured with ropes, they float through the air! Luisa does her job very well, although she is afraid of heights. Dominique and Sarah-Anessa also pose like professionals.+ + 9:12 pm: Kasia is out! + +So it’s called Dominique’s name. That means: Bye, Kasia!+ + 9:04 pm: Who has to go? + +For the last time, the four finalists unite in front of the jury. The tension increases, you have to say goodbye. Sarah-Anessa and Luisa are safe!+ + 8:59 pm: Ivy Quainoo + +Ivy Quainoo, winner of “The Voice,” performs her beautiful ballad “Break Away”!+ + 8:44 pm: The first decision is coming! + + “You are all perfect”, praises Thomas Rath after walks. But the decision of who has to be the first to say goodbye to the dream of Germany’s 2012 Next Top Model is coming up… What do you think has to go right now?+ + 8:36 pm: Sweet Dreams, Vanguard and Couture Lingerie + + The girls have to present three different walks and change clothes in no time. Is everything alright? During the avant-garde walk, candidates wear high heels without heels, but none stumble. Phew!+ + 8:27 pm: Rebecca Mir and Jorge Gonzalez + + Rebecca Mir reports live from the backstage area and welcomes Jorge González, who is wearing a colored feather blouse. Hach, we love it! The girls will soon have to present three different rides. “We practice until the last minute”says Jorge.+ + 20:21: Beth Ditto and the finalists + +The four finalists Kasia, Dominique, Sarah-Anessa and Luisa float in colored balloons from the roof of the arena to the sound of Beth Ditto and her band Gossip with the song “Perfect World”.+ + 8:15 pm.: Heidi Klum hot appearance + +For David Guetta and Nicki Minaj’s theme song for the season, Heidi Klum takes the stage at the Lanxess-Arena in Germany’s 2012 Next Top Model grand finale. She is accompanied by firefighters and a great fire show. Then Thomas Rath and Thomas Hayo come on stage too, and there are kissing hail! Heidi is wearing a sparkly dark gray evening dress. Pretty, definitely better than last year… 😉 What do you think?

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