Luna Schweiger: accidente de equitación

Luna Schweiger: riding accident

Luna was lucky in misfortune! In which German show jumping and dressage derby at Klein Flottbek the 20-year-old fell off her horse. Luna Koude’s horse he got caught with his front legs in the obstacle and Luna fell.

The daughter of Til and Dana Schweiger he obviously didn’t fall off his horse for the first time. Luna Marie deftly turned around and was able to get back up quickly. It’s stupid that hundreds of viewers were watching. Common: Luna had prepared perfectly for the tournament and even refrained from attending a party at Daddy’s hotel the night before.

Luna wasn’t the only famous daughter to compete at Klein Flottbek. Bruce Springsteen’s daughter Jessica (25) was there too. She survived the tournament without injury.

By the way: Luna and her sister Emma are now almost as focused as their father Til. Recently, Emma Schweiger had this shit storm.