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MAC Cinderella Makeup

MAC Cinderella Makeup

Fantastically beautiful

wantedon 02/10/2015 | 13:54

Who hasn’t dreamed of waking up as Cinderella and finding her personal Prince Charming? At least in terms of styling, MAC soon fulfilled this wish, because the American brand launched a Cinderella-style makeup collection.

MAC launches Cinderella line

As children we all dream of the Cinderella dream: the poor girl who had to endure much suffering finds great happiness and lives as a princess who could not be more beautiful and happy. In the fantastically beautiful and kitschy story, magic plays a very special role, which MAC is now reliving on your face. Coinciding with the start of the Disney classic on March 12, the American brand launches a makeup collection with which women can transform themselves into a Cinderella, and with very simple means. Following the example of the “Disney” princess, the products in the MAC x Cinderella collection evoke a look that does not seem exaggerated, but which perfectly underlines the natural features of the face. In the Disney hit, Cinderella wraps the man of her dreams in one dull complexion, rosy cheeks and glistening lips around the finger and what worked in fairy tales, MAC would like to make come true in real life. Only a few components are needed to create the fairy tale Cinderella look.

To Cinderella in a few steps

Cinderella has found the prince of her dreams

It only takes a few minutes and few products to look like Cinderella. In addition to an eyeshadow palette in delicate brown tones, the new MAC collection also includes a nude lipstick and a delicate apricot gloss. Cinderella’s limited set is complemented by liquid eyeliner and makeup. In no time, you can conjure up Cinderella’s beautiful magical look on your face. The MAC x Cinderella line will be available starting March 2.

Cinderella only had a few hours to charm her prince with her looks, now you can too! With the MAC x Cinderella line you can highlight your natural beauty and we are sure that the man of your dreams will recognize Cinderella in you.

Image Source 1: istock / KonstantinGushcha Image Source: Instagram / maccosmetics