Macklemore se convierte en padre

Macklemore becomes a father

Macklemore becomes a father

Joys of the father

wantedthe 01/05/2015 | 14:25

The two have been a couple for nine years and are now expecting their first child: Macklemore and his fiancee Tricia Davis are eager to wait! The rapper has now posted a video on YouTube announcing the good news and even letting his fans take part in the doctor visit.

A whole new and exciting phase is beginning for Macklemore: the “White Walls” singer will soon be a father for the first time! Tricia Davis and the 32-year-old have known each other for many years, and they even got engaged in January 2013. Now it’s getting serious, because family planning is on the agenda.

Macklemore will soon be able to vent not only on stage, but also in the children’s room.

Soon, Macklemore and Tricia Davis will be turning three. In a video that appeared on YouTube on Saturday, the rapper announced this good news and shared his excitement with his fans. So it says in the clip: “Today the media speculate about great news in our lives. So we decided to share it with you ourselves. “ You can hear heartbeat noises in the background – the couple went straight to the ultrasound.Macklemore can hardly believe his luck

The visit to the doctor is a very special time for Mackelmore and his fiancee. As the device records the baby’s heartbeat, the two appear to be beaming. Macklemore pats his loved one on the head and they both look spellbound at the monitor, where the child can already be seen. Even the musician’s mother is there and follows the action with excitement. She is also apparently very happy with her grandson and kisses her son and daughter-in-law profusely. However, the sex of the baby is not yet known.

Congratulations to Macklemore and Tricia Davis! They really have every reason to be happy. We are already beyond excited about the first baby photos. Image Source: Getty Images / Bryan Steffy