Maddy habla sobre la violación en "Colonia 50667"

Maddy talks about the rape in “Colonia 50667”

Maddy talks about the rape in "Cologne 50667"


Actress Margarita Nigmatullin has been part of the main cast of the RTL II series “Cologne 50667” for three years, playing the role of Lina. Now, for the first time, he talks about what it was like to act out a rape scene.

Lina has recently suffered some setbacks in “Köln 50667”: she was raped. But what is it like having to shoot those scenes? Is it a burden for an actor or does he take it easy because it is “just” a job?

In an interview with Promiflash, Margarina Nigmatullin revealed how bad she felt for her: “It was definitely a challenge. But I think this topic simply needs to be addressed because sadly, it happens too often in reality. It was definitely a difficult number. But I would often withdraw from scenes like this, listen to music and try to put myself in my shoes, and then do my best to convey it authentically. “

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