Madeleine de Suecia se ha instalado

Madeleine from Sweden has settled in

London girl

Anne Lüftneron November 4, 2015 | 12:26

Madeleine from Sweden has barely said goodbye to Stockholm when she perfectly finds her way through London. On Facebook, show how much she likes her in her new foster home.

Madeleine from Sweden is happy in London

When it became known this spring that Madeleine of Sweden would be taking down her tents in Stockholm to build a new life in London with her husband and two children, the Swedish people were shocked. The royal family is known for wanting to be close to citizens and is seen across the country as a caring unit that is not easily disturbed. The decision of the youngest daughter of King Carlos XVI. A few months ago, Gustavo and Queen Silvia turned their backs on their homeland, they encountered great misunderstanding. But despite all the contradictions, the girl from the royal family put her plan into practice.

In May, news circulated that Chris O’Neill had not lived with his pregnant wife and daughter Leonore for a good four weeks and had already moved to Britain, according to “Bild.” Madeleine von Sweden has followed her husband to London and seems to have adjusted very well after just a few months.

If we did not know that this photo shows number four in line to the Swedish throne, we think that this beautiful snapshot of Madeleine from Sweden was a simple meeting between good friends who have a lot to talk about over snacks and drinks. The mother of two is wonderfully normal on Facebook and proves to all the critics that London is visibly good for her. But it was not as relaxed as the first impression on this group of women suggests …

Madeleine from Sweden fulfills her duties

Although the beautiful brunette no longer resides in Stockholm, she has not lost sight of her tasks. “I had a great time last week at various meetings here in London! A lot of new plans have come up, ”Madeleine from Sweden writes about her photo and explains that she welcomes a new chief secretary for her“ Childhood ”organization. According to “Bunte,” this is the happy, radiant lady on the far left, but the other faces also look extremely satisfied.

Madeleine from Sweden was not deterred from her path and has opened a new chapter in London. She continues to focus on her obligations as Crown Princess Victoria’s little sister, but her trademark smile now seems to shine a bit brighter.

Image Source: GettyImages / Luca Teuchmann