Madonna publica noticias misteriosas

Madonna posts mysterious news

Madonna posts mysterious news

Is it about Rocco?

Anne Lüftneron 03/07/2016 | 17:41

It’s apparently not easy for Madonna right now – the custody dispute for her son Rocco even led the singer to almost cry at a concert a few days ago. But how is she now? A mysterious post on Instagram is puzzling.

Madonna seems to have given up the fight for her son

The dispute over her son Rocco has dragged on for Madonna since December: The 15-year-old had accompanied his mother on her tour last year, but then suddenly moved in with his father Guy Ritchie in England. That was the trigger for a violent family dispute between the pop diva and her ex-husband. According to the British Daily Mail, Madonna has now capitulated and wants to abandon the battle. A few hours ago, the world star posted a mysterious message on Instagram that may give clues about her mood.

A simple quote from the poet Charles Bukowski says on a black background: “Human relationships are strange. I mean, you are with someone for a certain period of time, you eat and sleep together and live together, you love them, you talk to them, they go places together and then it stops. ” The message is addressed to your child and expresses the pain of a mother? His followers seem to see it that way and respond: “That’s life, teenagers are difficult, but the last word has not been said yet” and “He still loves you, don’t worry, you will see him again.”

The pain of a mother

On Friday, the Queen of Pop was very fierce at a concert in New Zealand. Visibly moved, Madonna took the stage and apparently with difficulty held back tears: “This is my son, whom I mentioned earlier. She is 15 years old and it is true that there is no stronger love than that of a mother for her child. And if I talk too much about him, I may have to cry. ” In honor of Rocco, he even sang the song “La Vie en Rose” and revealed: “But I want to dedicate this song to him. It is a love song for a man, but I know that one day it will be. “

We are deeply moved by Madonna’s words and hope that one day she and her son will meet again.

Image Source: GettyImages / John Lamparski