Madonna: ¿Se saltará su propia fiesta de los Oscar?

Madonna: Will you skip your own Oscar party?

Madonna: Will you skip your own Oscar party?

Too busy!

wantedon 02/20/2015 | 17:19

Popqueen Madonna’s parties after the Oscars are not only legendary, they are also a highly cherished tradition. But shortly before the year’s awards ceremony, Madonna suddenly doesn’t seem to be looking for a crazy Oscar opportunity. Is the interpreter of “Rebel Heart” getting old?

In fact, Madonna prefers to adorn herself with the image of the goddess of sex and party who has always remained young. But this image could have a first scratch now. How the Whistleblowers Supposedly Betrayed the Celebrity Portal “Page Six” 56-year-old plans to skip her own post-Oscar party. Does Madonna have better plans than spending the night with the stars of the Academy Awards?

Madonna has other things in mind besides her Oscar party

Many would be tempted to get an invitation to Madonna’s legendary Oscar after-party, but after her brilliant performance at the 2015 Grammys The Queen of Pop seems to have had enough of partying. Why else does Madonna want to shine by being absent from the after-show party she traditionally plans with her manager Guy Oseary?

Madonna: Are you canceling your after-Oscar party?

For all party fans, there is good news despite the singer’s acute unwillingness to party: “Page Six” reports Madonna’s post-Oscar party should take place as usual the day after the awards ceremony. – just without the famous hostess. It is not known how Madonna planned her evening, the reason for the planned absence is assumed to be Deadline pressure the 56 year old. After all, Madonna appears next Wednesday at the Brit Awards in London. But who knows: maybe the singer spontaneously wants to be seen at her own party. After all, the craziest things are said to have happened during last year’s vacation: According to “,” none other than Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence threw up at Miley Cyrus’s feet, while Charlize Theron and Sean Penn in a dark corner Should have gone closer. Does Madonna really want to miss this show?

Who knows, maybe Madonna will be the surprise guest at her own party. In any case, we would trust the 56-year-old to make this move. The idea that Madonna will give in at her age is beyond our imagination!

Image source: gettyimages / Jason Merritt