Madonna: ¡Tu hijo Rocco es todo un papá!

Madonna: Your son Rocco is a real dad!

Madonna: Your son Rocco is a real dad!

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wantedthe 04/09/2014 | 11:37

Madonna has not only been a celebrated pop icon for decades, the 56-year-old is first and foremost a busy mother of four. How proud the Queen of Pop is of her two biological and adopted children, now she shows her fans on Instagram …

Madonna and Guy Ritchie are good friends

Anyone thinking of Madonna’s offspring has her 17-year-old daughter Lourdes in mind, who continues to make headlines with her own drug scandals or her own clothing line. But from her marriage to film producer Guy Ritchie, Madonna also has a son, Rocco. and her two youngest children, David and Mercy, have adopted the Queen of Pop.

But they grew! The proud mother of four has now posted a sweet photo of her loved ones on Instagram: You can see Ritchie’s son Rocco, who puts his arms around the two half brothers David and Mercy.. A sugar-sweet trio! And Rocco, 14, looks like his father’s face.

Madonna: Your children are her pride and joy.

Madonna shows her children Mercy, Rocco and David (from left)

Madonna has to experience first-hand that little ones sometimes grow faster than their parents love. But so far Rocco, unlike his older sister Lourdes, has been pretty good. The 14-year-old can often be seen next to his parents, who still get along after their separation, or while surfing the coast. But slowly but surely, Rocco will cut Mama Madonna’s cord. When it comes to looks, women are likely to line up.

Will Madonna release Rocco soon? Even if the 14-year-old becomes as rebellious as his sister, the 56-year-old still has David and Mercy to hug …

Image source: Image 1: gettyimages / AFP / ANNE-CHRISTINE Image 2: Instagram / Madonna