Telekom MagentaTV-Receiver

Magenta TV update: new firmware for multimedia receivers

Telekom MagentaTV-Receiver

According to Telekom, the update is available from October 2. For Media Receiver 201, 401 and 601. New receiver firmware is normally installed automatically when the Media Receiver is in standby mode. However, it can also happen that you first have to start the update manually through the settings.

Telekom Media Receiver update available

It is important that you UI version 2.67.8243 you need to use to benefit from the developments that come with the update. Telekom itself highlights three changes brought about by the update of the version of the user interface mentioned above.

Then the “Back” button expands. For one thing, go back to the previous page of the user interface as usual. Once the firmware update is installed, the button can also be used to toggle between the last two channels viewed on the TV program.

A new channel history can be used

Second innovation: the new channel history can be activated in the live TV options. Displays the last seven TV channels with picture-in-picture function. Once activated, the “Back” button opens the channel’s history. Optionally, the station history can also be placed on a colored button.

Additionally, Telekom notes that the playback menu has been shortened and adjusted in position. As a result, the moving image is back in the foreground.

Magenta TV customers can find more information about the new multimedia receiver update in the receiver menu under “Settings”> “Help & Tips”> “Update Information”.