Caoba - marrón rojo noble

Mahogany – noble red brown

Mahogany - noble red brown

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Do you want an elegant and vivid hair color? Black, blonde, brunette, is that too unimaginative for you? Do you want your hair color to be something very special? Then mahogany may be right for you. But what makes the reddish brown hue so extraordinary and who can wear it?

Mahogany hair color gets its name from a very special wood that has its own character. When you look at the properties that make up this wood, you can hardly imagine a more suitable name for this hair color. Mahogany wood is one of the finest and highest quality woods – it is expensive and you can tell by it! Due to its bright and lively surface, which is unusually shiny for a wood, mahogany is very popular and valued. So it’s clear why this dark reddish brown shiny hair shade deserves its name. The person who wears the hair color exactly exudes the attributes of wood: it is elegant, desirable, glamorous and the exact opposite of cheap! Would you like a hair color with a message, something classic and at the same time extravagant, a hair color that matches and reflects your personality? Then mahogany hair is a good option for you! Show who you are with a mahogany mane. Become the goddess of sensuality!

Mahogany – the best of all hair colors

Mahogany is a mix of black and brown with a warm red glow. If you can’t decide between these three hair colors, choose mahogany., because this shade combines the best of all hair colors.

Miss USA 2011 Alyssa Campanella also wears mahogany

Mahogany is down to earth and classic like brown hair, without being boring. It exudes the exotic and the magic of black hair, without looking too wicked. Mahogany conveys the fire and passion of red manes, but is not as intrusive. If you want to show off the best of all hair colors on your head, you are well served with mahogany. And no one thinks of a wooden head, I promise!

Who can wear mahogany?

A flamboyant color like mahogany is great for equally flamboyant women – stars like Cheryl Cole, Hayden Panettiere, and Ashley Simpson have proven it. Do you like classic, but also modern? Then you should think of a mahogany head. However, there are a few little quirks to keep in mind: Mahogany is suitable for women with light and dark complexions. Women who have a fairly pink skin tone or who tend to have high blood flow to the face should, however, choose a hair color that contains less red pigments. The warm reddish glow of mahogany can quickly make a rosy complexion appear more intense and blotchy. Mahogany is especially suitable for women with green eyes, because red is the complementary color of green. This means that the two colors intensify each other. Mahogany hair looks particularly good with your green eyes and, conversely, your eyes also let your new hair color shine. It almost doesn’t matter what natural hair color you use – mahogany always works. You should only be careful with severely bleached hair, because the coloring result may be different than expected: in the worst case, your hair will turn orange! If you still want auburn hair, which we can understand very well, it is best to ask a professional for advice, he knows all the tricks with which your new hair will be perfect!

Mahogany is a true combination artist.

When you have your new hair color, you will surely ask yourself the following questions: What goes particularly well with it? How can I really bring out the new shade? What colors don’t work at all? We have good news for you here, because almost everything goes well with mahogany! In combination with the warm earth tones, mahogany makes for a radiant highlight and you can really show off your mane. If you love color, bold, bold colors are exactly the right choice: green, purple, and turquoise go great with your hair color and complement it perfectly. Black, white, and different shades of gray go great too, and let your hair come first when it comes to notoriety. The only colors you need to be careful with are pastel hues – on the one hand, the delicate hues of yellow, pink and blue can quickly penetrate your hair, in the truest sense of the word, with the rich reddish-brown hue. On the other hand, the statement conveyed by your hair color is contrary to the message that pastel colors express: mahogany suggests a modern, classic, confident, realistic attitude and is exciting and mysterious, while pastel tones seem quite sweet, delicate and dreamy. Otherwise, mahogany is really plain and a real all-rounder for your look!

Mahogany: a luxurious color demands luxurious maintenance

Like wood, your mane should naturally look high-quality, shiny, and luxurious. Of course, that doesn’t happen by itself. You should treat your mane with a little luxury from time to time, and that doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money on grooming products. Inexpensive products often serve their purpose too. It is important that your hair receives a hydration boost regularly so that the radiant color does not look smooth in the long term: you should use a hydrating treatment once a week, for maximum effectiveness you can also leave it overnight. It is also important that you regularly go to the tip trimming, because a color as great as mahogany does not forgive split ends and porous ends. To maintain the reddish shine in the hair, it is also important to use UV protection for the hair, as red undertones, in particular, fade quickly in the sun. By following these care instructions, you are guaranteed to have fun with your mahogany mane for a long time and earn lots of compliments for your shiny hair.

One thing is clear: mahogany is not boring! With this trendy hair color you give your appearance a grown-up and self-confident attitude. Get ready to receive a lot of attention, because with mahogany you will attract envious glances and be the star of the hair at every event!

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