Haz rastas falsas tú mismo: Instrucciones

Make Fake Dreadlocks Yourself: Instructions

Make Fake Dreadlocks Yourself: Instructions


Fake dreadlocks are the ideal hairstyle for you if you don’t want to permanently shade your hair with real dreadlocks. Quasi Rastafarian for a while! For all the fans of these temporary changes, we have instructions for making the fake dreadlocks yourself, as well as tips on how the fake artwork will last as long as possible.

Bob Marley’s memory look is cool, huh? The problem: Once you decide to have dreadlocks, you can’t just reverse your decision, for example with a hair color that can be changed (relatively) quickly. Once the hair has been knotted and matted with the help of a crochet hook and a fine comb, it is no longer so easy to untangle. It can be done with a lot of patience and effort, but it is not uncommon for it to simply be: Hairless hair.

If you want to give your hair a dreadlock style, but in no case will you lose your mane (in case you don’t like the look anymore), try fake dreadlocks first. Doing it yourself is really easy here, even for those with gross motor skills!

Instead of dreadlocks, you can try to make fake dreadlocks yourself!

Fake dreadlocks: step by step instructions

If you want to make the fake dreadlocks yourself, you should have the following utensils ready:

  • Texture spray
  • Hair clips
  • A hair comb
  • Modeling cream
  • Hair spray

And this is how you do your fake dreadlocks:

Just pretend! Fake dreadlocks are very easy to do.

Step 1: Spray generously on your washed and styled hair with texturizing spray to give it a little more grip for the next style.

Step 2: Now part the bottom section of your hair and pin the rest of the hair up so that you can work from the bottom.

step 3: Now take a thick and simple strand and gently touch it with the comb. Start at the roots and work your way to the ends if possible. You can read with us about how to style hair correctly.

Step 4: Take a generous dollop of styling cream, spread it between your hands, and twist the lock with your fingers. Work carefully from root to tip, twisting the lock between your hands so that the hair easily tangles and becomes a uniform “sausage”. At this point, a messy and tousled look is desired, so knead and twist whatever is holding the hair down! Make sure you glue the ends together well with the cream so the strand of fake dread doesn’t dissolve.

Step 5: Spray a lot of hairspray on the finished strand so that it finally sets.

So go strand by strand until you’ve finished your mane full of fake dreadlocks! Below you can find everything step by step in the video tutorial.

By the way, dreadlocks, even this wrong version, can put a lot of stress on your hair. So if you want to get rid of dreadlocks again (we’ll tell you how to do it in a moment), hair care afterward is essential. But you should definitely avoid these 11 hair care mistakes:

Here in the video tutorial you can see the instructions and the result again:

Fake dreadlocks: even Shakira wears them!

Did you know that even famous women wear fake dreadlocks? Shakira, for example. The singer opted for the laid-back reggae look for her “Loca” music video. Check it out here:

As quickly as the fake dreadlocks are done, they also disappear again. If you want to get rid of the messy hairstyle, just comb your hair carefully with a wide tooth brush or comb. Wash styling products with a mild shampoo and warm water. It is best to give damaged hair a hair treatment and a round of air drying so as not to put more pressure on the rough hair structure. So the hairstyle survives the cool style from time to time without a problem!

Image sources: iStock / VladislavStarozhilov, iStock / Iamiriscream, iStock / phiksos

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