Prepara té helado tú mismo

Make iced tea yourself

Make iced tea yourself

Cooling down in summer is always good. At some point, though, you get tired of cold lemonade and cola. Offers a welcome change here. Iced tea. No, but not the one with the bag or the bottle, but a homemade one! Generally, purchased iced teas are very sweet, which is due to the fact that a liter often contains up to 20 sugar cubes are included. Also, the choice of different flavors is usually quite limited. A homemade iced tea definitely contributes more to a healthy diet. So there are many reasons to simply mix the delicious soda yourself and then enjoy it without regrets.

And that’s how the iced tea recipe works

If you want to make an iced tea yourself, you first need the “basic ingredient” of the delicious beverage, that is, the tea itself. At first if you choose a type of tea, which then completely normal boils. Depending on your preference, this can be a green tea, a black tea, or any fruit tea. Then let the tea bag or tea leaves steep until they have a good color and flavor.

So that the Iced tea not too bitter you can add the hot tea later some sugar, honey, syrup, or sweetener To mix. Then simply pour the hot tea into a Pour in the pot that is about two-thirds full of ice cubes. This makes the tea cool very quickly and also maintains its beautiful color. Let cool briefly and have a delicious do-it-yourself iced tea.

Provides a special flavor to the drink:

Do you want one of those Really fruity and sweet iced tea? That’s not a problem either! You can easily use the iced tea “base” explained above. refine with various juices or a syrup. Of course, you should not add too much to the drink here, otherwise the delicious taste of the tea will disappear. Alternatively, always make yourself small pieces of fruit and berries in iced tea very well. Little touches of light, like chunks of melon, strawberries, kiwi, mango or lemon wedges, give your drink that special “extra”.

Or you can freeze orange juice, for example, or another juice that tastes good to you instead of water in ice cube trays and give Finish off with these flavored ice cubes in your iced tea additional. Not only does it look good, it tastes really delicious too! There are no limits to your imagination and creativity!

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