Haz copos de nieve con paper & Co

Make snowflakes with paper & Co

Make snowflakes with paper & Co

Making snowflakes: ideas for recycling

If you want to make snowflakes, you don’t just have to play with paper. For example, you can easily make snowflakes with wooden clothespins.

# 1 misuse of clothespins

To do this, separate the individual parts and remove the wire. Then glue them backwards. If you don’t like the look of wood, you can refine the finished star with acrylic or spray paint. The artwork is ready!

# 3 snowflake garland made of cotton

For this great snowflake garland you only need cotton balls and string. Simply thread the cotton balls onto the string; it is best to use a needle. You can determine the distance, the size of the snowflakes and the length of the garland yourself.