Dress up, take on different roles, and make parents smile with magic wands – almost all children enjoy doing all of this for their lives. There are many beautiful magic wands and magic wands to buy, but you can also make them yourself in no time. You can be absolutely creative with it. In the end, your own work is always something very special and highly valued by children. Because children love to do crafts together and of course they can design the fairy or the magic wands to their liking.

Today I would like to show you two magic wands and two magic wands that I recently made with Lilli and Lotte.

Make magic wands (12)

For this we buy logs from the hardware store, as well as MDF stars, colored tape (no tape!), Gift tape, glitter powder, and gems.

If necessary, you also need watercolors. =)

Make magic wands

Make magic wands (2)

The MDF stars can also be replaced with fabric or felt stars. There are no limits to creativity.


First, we cover the logs with colored tape.

Make magic wands (5)

Make magic wands (6)

Lilli and Lotte also painted the MDF stars for the fairy sticks in bright colors.

Make magic wands (3)

Make magic wands (4)

Then we decorate them with a bit of glitter.

Make magic wands (7)

Make magic wands (8)

Lilli and Lotte each covered one stick completely with masking tape and painted the other with water-based paints and only partially covered it (see above).

The two gemstones were then allowed to attach to their magic and fairy wands. We also cut some strips of tape for the wands. (This is probably best with finished ribbons and laces that don’t fluff up as much, but we didn’t have anything else in the house.)

Make magic wands (9)

Make magic wands (10)

We attach the stars to the fairy sticks with a hammer and a nail. The colored ribbons on the magic wands, also with hammer and nail.

Make magic wands (11)

And then they were finished – the individual, colorful fairy and magic wands that they both love to play with and still keep to this day. I just had to re-glue some of the gemstones (actually self-adhesive). But since then these have also remained. =)

Make magic wands (13)

Make magic wands (14)

I love crafts like this with my girls!

And I think it’s really nice to see how proud the two of them are after their own artwork and how they enjoy playing with them, cool and creatively.

I hope I can inspire you a bit and wish you lots of fun with your touch-ups!

Have a nice tuesday

your Mari =)

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