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Make Your Own Garden Decorations: Rainbow Hangers for the Summer Party

Gartendeko selber machen?  Geht ganz einfach!

Rainbow Garden Decorations – Here’s How It’s Done

# Step 1

Take the wire hanger and hang it somewhere, for example on a clothes hanger or where you want it to hang last. In any case, you need some space to “play”.

# Step 2

Now take your six, or more, if you like, crepe rolls and cut them into strips about two to six inches wide. (The more colors you use, the narrower the pieces will be, of course.) All should fit on the hanger. Unwrap it and hang it on the hanger. If you run out of rolls, you run out of leftovers: This results in ribbons of different lengths. It doesn’t matter at all. On the contrary, I think it looks even better than the same lengths.

#Step 3

Take the clips and use them to attach the crepe strips to the wire hanger.