# MakeSolo2Happen: "Guerra de las Galaxias"-Los fans están llamando "Solo 2" - pero ¿qué tan realista es eso?

# MakeSolo2Happen: "Star Wars"-Fans are calling "Only 2" – but how realistic is that?

In recent days, a campaign by “Star Wars” fans demanding that “Solo 2” be produced after all has gone viral. Director Ron Howard and writer Jake Kasdan have commented on it.

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Disney definitely expected more from “Solo: A Star Wars Story.” Even the reviews of the second “Star Wars” spinoff after “Rogue One” weren’t exactly exuberant, but then the real problem arose. it represents the 392 million dollars contributed worldwide, a sum that, of course, is too small given the pure production costs of around 275 million.

This disappointment prompted a rethink and in September 2018, Disney boss Bob Iger confirmed that when it comes to “Star Wars,” the brakes are now being pushed a bit and among other things. Additional planned spin-offs (one should probably come next via Obi-Wan Kenobi) will be canceled from the calendar. A second “solo” movie seemed completely unlikely. But because the movie, which was finished by Ron Howard after the firing of Phil Lord and Christopher Miller (“The LEGO Movie”), is so popular with many fans, it has now passed. a campaign that went viral calling for the young Han Solo’s story to continue.

# MakeSolo2Happen

It all started Star Wars News Net Podcast. And the campaign didn’t take long to reach the creative minds behind “Solo.” While director Ron Howard only commented on the whole thing with a smiley face, Screenwriter Jonathan Kasdan responded in more detail, and even spreads a little hope …

“I am grateful and more than electrified by all the # MakeSolo2Happen energy on Twitter. That means a lot to everyone involved. Your enthusiasm allows us to continue looking for it [für ein Sequel] to deploy! Because the creator knows that there is a story of war in a galaxy far, far away. And he still wants to be told… “

At least Jonathan Kasdan doesn’t seem to have completely given up hope for “Solo 2.” But what are the chances that the sequel will appear at some point?

Can we expect “Solo 2”?

The ending of “Solo: A Star Wars Story” is clearly designed for a sequel. There comes the shocking revelation that Darth Maul (Ray Park) known from “Star Wars: Episode 1” is the true leader of the criminal organization Crimson Dawn and ordered Han Solo’s ex-flame, Qi’ra (Emilia Clarke) to join him. . A story that should certainly continue in a sequel. In addition, it was also Leading actor Alden Ehrenreich signed with Disney for more than just this movie …

So “Solo 2” was definitely planned to arrive at some point. But no matter how enthusiastically fans are championing it right now, the chances of a sequel are now slim to none. The individual “Star Wars” movies appear not to be an option for Disney after the crash landing of “Solo”, but rather a new trilogy from “Game Of Thrones” creators David Benioff and DB Weiss will appear every two years between. 2022 and 2026. In addition, it has just been learned that a trilogy based on the extremely popular video game “Knights Of The Old Republic” is also being planned.

Plans for the future of the “Star Wars” franchise appear to be in place and individual films are not part of them. And if these were to become an option again, a “solo” sequel certainly wouldn’t be at the top of the agenda. So there is currently only one hope: Disney will start its own Disney + streaming service later this year. And this will be stocked with material from “Star Wars” quite independently of the movie plan, initially with “The Mandalorian” and a series about Cassion Andor from “Rogue One.” However, before the next film trilogy, that is, before 2022, a third real series will come and the platform will also fill up after that, so if the plot of “Solo” ever continues, it is most likely let it be on Disney +.

The third series of “Star Wars” could be about that.