Maquillaje: Keira Knightley

Makeup: Keira Knightley

Makeup: Keira Knightley

Is that how it works:

For him Keira Knightley makeup look First a day cream is applied to hydrate. Next, we use an eye care product.

Now continue with a concealer to cover redness and dark circles. A foundation is then applied to the face to achieve an even complexion. Finally, he powders his face.

Follow with the eyeshadow primer. This makes the eyeshadow color easier to apply and lasts longer. The foundation is applied to the entire eyelid, up to the eyebrows.

Next, the eyebrows are corrected. To do this, they are combed with a small brush and then adjusted.

Now the eye makeup is on Smoky eyes style in. We will start with a black eyeliner. We continue with the color of the eyeshadow, a dark gray tone. Then a kohl line is drawn. The last thing to come is the highlighter, which is placed under the eyebrow. Finally, the tabs are inked.

Continue with false eyelashes. We take individual lash bands and then place them directly on the lash line.

Finally, the lip color is applied.

The makeup is ready. Now continue with the hairstyle.

First we apply curling spray to the hair and comb it. Beautiful waves are formed with the straightening iron. Now tie the hair back in a braid. Then form a nice bun and secure it with bobby pins.

Now put the front curly hair in a light wave over the bun and pin it too. Some more hairspray and the sleek water wave hairstyle is done.

Now you have a great 20s look inspired by Keira Knightley. Have fun copying!

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