Störung bei der Telekom

Malfunction in Telekom: a major failure caused problems

  1. Big disruption at Deutsche Telekom: There was a huge creak in the mobile network of the Bonn network operator on Tuesday. This arises from a large number of malfunction reports on relevant specialized forums such as allestö and on social media.

Disturbance at Deutsche Telekom only on cellular network

The disruption to the Deutsche Telekom network mainly affected the mobile data network. Because while many users reported that they did not have access to the mobile internet, home WLAN (V) DSL connections were generally stable.

The in-house digital editorial team also received the first malfunction reports shortly after midnight. At this time, the reports on allestö also skyrocketed despite the late date. After an hour, customer feedback stabilized remarkably, only to recover around 4 a.m.

Also Tuesday morning, numerous users of a Deutsche Telekom SIM card reported problems with mobile data connections. And that in many parts of Germany. For example in Leipzig, Dortmund and Hamburg. So it was just a regional problem. But the truth is also: in Berlin and Bonn, our editorial team could find no more problems on the Deutsche Telekom network at 7am.

Telekom confirms problems

It is not clear exactly what is causing the current difficulties on the Deutsche Telekom network. “We are working hard on problem solving,” said a spokesperson, adding to our editorial team: “The good news: The stabilization measures are working. The situation is improving significantly and continuously ”. At around 12 noon, Telekom reported that the fault had been completely removed, without giving further details about the fault.

Telekom boss Tim Höttges said Tuesday as part of the Corona warning app presentation that the outage occurred in connection with the mobile network conversion. The company will announce details of the 5G nationwide expansion shortly. There must have been preparatory work here. The flaw has nothing expressly to do with the introduction of the Corona app, Höttges said.

If you are also affected by the malfunction, it may be helpful to turn off your smartphone completely and restart it.

Problems also in the T-Mobile US network

The current issues may also have something to do with a failure in T-Mobile’s US cellular network. Chief technology officer Neville Ray wrote on Twitter that there were nationwide problems with voice and data connections in the Telekom subsidiary network. He advised switching to alternative services like WhatsApp, iMessage, and Facetime, which would be difficult if there was no data connection. The problem at T-Mobile US was only resolved after about nine hours.

T-Mobile USA CEO Mike Sievert announced that occasionally it could be hours before customers can make cell phone calls and send text messages again. The new CEO of Telekom’s US subsidiary mentions problems related to IP traffic, which would have caused considerable capacity problems on the network.