Die Masern Impfpflicht kommt im März 2020!

Mandatory vaccination against measles: the Bundestag resolves mandatory vaccination for kindergartens and schools

Die Masern Impfpflicht kommt im März 2020!

This is why vaccination is so important

A rare but always fatal complication is SSPE, a severe brain swelling caused by the measles virus even years after infection. There is currently no therapy, only a preventive vaccine. Since this vaccine is only suitable for children who have reached the age of 11 months, the protection of the herd is very important.

The Bavarian State Office for Health and Food Safety (LGL) writes on its website: “Only the protection of the herd through a sufficiently vaccinated environment (95% of the population) can reliably protect children. in the first year of life after the infection and therefore the risk of serious complications from measles. “

According to the Robert Koch Institute, only about 93 percent of beginning students in Germany are adequately protected against measles, which is not enough to prevent measles outbreaks. That is why the federal cabinet has launched a bill to make vaccination against measles mandatory.