Manuel Cortez: Lesión antes de Let's Dance Special

Manuel Cortez: Injury before Let’s Dance Special

Let’s Dance

wantedon December 20, 2013 | 14:51

Tonight is the time again. After a 7-month hiatus, RTL celebrities are dancing again. For a “Let’s Dance” Christmas special, former show candidates rise to the challenge and dare to hit the track again. But one of her dance shoes fell off before.

Manuel Cortez should be in good shape. After all, he won the final season of the celebrity dance show “Let’s Dance” less than seven months ago. But what just a few months off from training may mean, the actor, who thrilled audiences on “Let’s Dance,” has now had to experience first-hand.

Let’s Dance: Manuel Cortez dislocated his thumb

The “Dancing Star 2013” complained before the airing of the first of two programs of the special “Let’s Dance” on RTL. He was already physically exhausted from training alone: “Everything hurts a lot,” Manuel Cortez complained. “The shoulder up of the lifting figures, the neck, the knees.” Following these statements, many “Let’s Dance” fans wonder if this year’s title winner can have a good figure on the dance floor tonight.

Let’s Dance: Manuel Cortez complains

But the winner of “Let’s Dance” doesn’t just have to fight with sore muscles. Manuel Cortez also complains of a dislocated thumb: “It had too much weight, it just broke,” described the actor. It is good that Manuel Cortez has a girlfriend who can now take care of him with love so that he recovers. “Well, the rabbit likes to moan, but a dislocated thumb, periosteum, and torn muscle fibers can hurt a lot. I will probably spend the turn of the year as a nurse… ”Miyabi Kawai posted on Facebook. One can only hope that Manuel Cortez’s efforts pay off and that “Dancing Star 2013” is reasonably fit for the “Let’s Dance” special.

Apparently Manuel Cortez is really working hard for his appearance on the Christmas special “Let’s Dance”. Tonight will show if the effort was worth it, and if not, the actor can look forward to the loving care of his girlfriend.

Image Source: © Thomas Lohnes | Getty Images