Muchos quieren prohibir esta nueva serie de Netflix

Many want to ban this new Netflix series


Netflix’s new in-house productions are always causing a stir, mainly because viewers of the streaming service are waiting for new material from the series. In the case of “Insatiable”, however, they want the publication to be banned …

Last week, Netflix released the first trailer for a new high school series that will be released on August 10. In 13 episodes, “Insatiable” tells the story of schoolgirl Patty (Debby Ryan from “Ultimately, We Don’t Care About the Universe”), who is bullied by her classmates because of her weight. During summer vacation, Patty takes off, gets a makeover, and is suddenly extremely popular. However, he does not use his newfound popularity for a carefree life in high school, but to exact revenge on his classmates in a rather unpleasant way.

Too much for history. However, for Netflix watcher Florence Given, that was reason enough to launch a petition on to stop “Insatiable” from streaming on Netflix, and more than 140,000 like-minded people have already signed it.

Why the controversy?

For Given, “Insatiable” supports, at least as far as the trailer can be seen, the toxic body image that many women and girls in our society have: who is fat is unpopular and only when you lose weight are you perceived as beautiful or attractive.

“Stories have shown young and impressionable women and girls for so long that to be popular, have friends, be attractive to men, and generally be a person of value, we have to be slim,” writes Given in the description. . at your request. “The toxicity of this series is greater than that of this individual case. It’s part of a bigger problem that, I promise, all the women in his life have experienced firsthand. […] It not only maintains the toxicity of dietary culture, but also the objectification of the female body. “

Patty has not responded here yet

That is why Florence Given, like many, many signers of her petition, demands that the series not air on Netflix (or anywhere else).

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Lead actress Debbie Ryan defends the series

However, there are also voices opposed to Given, especially from lead actress Debbie Ryan. In an Instagram post, she comments on the controversy over “Insatiable” and writes that she is committed to body positivity and women’s self-image. . This is precisely why she was so excited to pursue the subject from a satirical perspective. “Satire is a way of using humor to deal with the most difficult things, shedding light on the darkness and starting serious discussions,” he writes.

“The humor is not in the fat shame, […] but rather in the satisfaction of identifying the aggressors and saying ‘That’s not right’ ”. Therefore, you want the petitioners to see the series first before judging it. After all, a trailer is rarely a sufficient basis to form an informed opinion.

How do you feel about the subject? Do you think streaming should be banned? Or do you want to see it for yourself first and watch “Insatiable” on Netflix starting August 10? Let us know what you think in the comments!