Kind schminken für Fasching: Katze & Co

Mardi Gras makeup: templates and tips

Kind schminken für Fasching: Katze & amp;  Co

Carnival ideas: makeup for beginners

Lacking practice and time, but still want to do your kid’s makeup for Mardi Gras? Templates like these will help you with this. You can create great costumes with little effort.

# 1 Apply makeup to a clown

Period, period, comma, line – the clown face is ready. It really is as simple as it sounds and very colorful. What should definitely not be missing: the unmistakable red nose.

# 2 apply makeup to Indians

It’s just as easy to put on the Indian look. Kids love the colorful makeup on their faces. The bars over the eyes look particularly scary here, but you don’t have to do makeup like that. A couple of colored horizontal stripes on the face also make it for Mardi Gras in nursery or kindergarten.

# 3 Apply makeup to the leopard

Even if it looks complicated, this leopard is lightly made up. Color the forehead, temples, and cheeks yellow with a makeup sponge. Then paint on the spots, whiskers and nose.