Mariah Carey: ¿Nick Cannon quiere vengarse de ella?

Mariah Carey: Does Nick Cannon want revenge on her?

Mariah Carey: Does Nick Cannon want revenge on her?

Nasty revenge?

wantedon 12/30/2014 | 11:25

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have gone their separate ways since the summer of this year; divorce is also in full swing. While both sides have so far tried not to show any of their breakup joke in public, Nick Cannon is said to have already generated a lot of anger. Supposedly now he wants revenge on Mariah Carey by retouching in the studio the material of the song that contains private details.

Taylor Swift has already proven it: songs about ex-boyfriends are always in demand! Pop diva Mariah Carey could do the same. The singer does not take the microphone to process the separation joke in her own way; instead, Nick Cannon, his future ex-husband, wants to take revenge on his still wife with songs, reported “RadarOnline.”

Mariah Carey doesn’t want a mud fight during her breakup

But are the rumors about a nasty counterattack at the direction of Mariah Carey really true? Now Nick Cannon spoke personally: On Twitter, the host expressed his anger and vehemently contradicted rumors that he wanted to musically humiliate Mariah Carey. He described the reports as clearly false and at the same time asked that his privacy be taken into account.Mariah Carey wants a peaceful separation

Mariah Carey doesn’t seem to have to worry about her reputation after all – Nick Cannnon says he never intended to speak ill of his wife and the mother of his two children. He wrote on his Twitter profile: “There is no album or songs. I will never say anything negative about Mariah Carey. We will always be a family born of love. “ And at the same time, the moderator added an important request: “I am always an open book, but personal matters are personal. So please respect my family and the whole process. “

Nick Cannon seems to have altered rumors a lot if he cares so much about clarifying things. It’s definitely a difficult time for Mariah Carey and her ex, especially since the two children need to get involved in the divorce as little as possible. I respect both of you for wanting to protect Marrocan and Monroe in that way. Image Source: Getty Images / Michael Loccisano