Mariah Carey - E = MC²

Mariah Carey – E = MC²

The eleventh studio album appears

wantedthe 09/04/2008 | 11:45

The emancipated diva Source: Universal Music 2008

This woman did it! The last album The emancipation of Mimi 18 months on the US charts, more than 160 million discs and DVDs sold worldwide and even the subject of a slogan show on “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”. Now she is also releasing her eleventh studio album, which promises to take her even further into the world of pop.

The first single “Touch my Body” has already taken her to the second place among the most successful artists. Her 18th number one hit in the US catapulted her immediately beyond Elvis and behind the Beatles. Not even the queen of pop Madonna has made it that far. As always, the diva does not offer anything, but something very special, glamorous and promising! Will I Am from the Black Eyed Peas, Jermaine Dupri and Bryan Michael Cox, who have often supported Mariah and given her a big hit or two, contributed to the new album. The album impresses not only with the music, but also with the soft voice of Mariah, who sings in the great songs. As always, he breathes his lyrics with such emotion into the microphone that you get goose bumps when you listen to them. The songs “I stay in Love”, “Bye Bye” and “I wish you well” turn your skin up in particular because they are full of emotion. In general, the album is a bit calmer, only the tracks “I’m that Chick” and “OOC” invite you to circle your hips.

By the way, anyone wondering about the album title and associating it with Einstein is wrong here. The formula means: Emancipation = Mariah Carey squared. A motto that Mariah can afford. Anyone who has already been so successful at the age of 38 can write such a famous formula on their new album.

We are confident that this album will bring Mariah another great success! The more than 10 million CDs sold worldwide by its predecessor will certainly be surpassed by this work!

Released: 04/11/08