Mariah Carey: la familia hace serias acusaciones

Mariah Carey: family makes serious accusations

Mariah Carey: family makes serious accusations

HIV drama

Daniel Schmidton 03/14/2016 | 16:03

Pop diva Mariah Carey has everything you could want. She is very wealthy, successful, and committed to the man of her dreams. But her older brother Morgan Carey raises serious accusations against the singer. He doesn’t really care about his HIV-infected sister Alison.

As reported by the English newspaper “The Sun”, Morgan is deeply disappointed in his younger sister Mariah Carey. The famous artist shows no interest in the sad fate of his sister. Alison, 54, a former prostitute, is infected with the HI virus. He is also facing serious spinal and brain surgery. However, Mariah hasn’t even contacted her sister, so Morgan Carey (51). Even when the older sister was about to die last year, the celebrity did not show up at the hospital.

“She cares more about her dogs”

Mariah, her brother calculates, spends far more money on her four-legged friends than it would cost to give her sister the best medical care. In fact, the singer, often referred to as a diva, is known for letting her dogs fly first class and is even said to demand a separate trailer for the animals during filming.

However, Alison had repeatedly tried in vain to communicate with her sister without getting a response. However, Morgan is not entirely surprised by his younger sister’s behavior. The world has always had to revolve around them, he says. In a direct speech to Mariah Carey, he finds harsh words: “Your sister is dying and fighting and where are you? You think you are so fabulous, but you are a witch! “

If this freezing cold behavior is really true, it would be really bad. What exactly moves Mariah Carey to her behavior, only she knows herself and we probably won’t find out.

Image source. GettyImagey / James McCarthy