Mariah Carey: ¿es el final de su carrera?

Mariah Carey: is it the end of your career?

Mariah Carey: is it the end of your career?

Start of the tour

wantedon 10/6/2014 | 16:30

Mariah Carey is not having an easy time right now – it was announced a few weeks ago that her marriage to Nick Cannon was over and that the two important characters had long gone their separate ways. The media hype about the 44-year-old does not seem to leave Mariah Carey indifferent: At the beginning of her tour, the singer, who was once celebrated as a queen of soul, apparently did nothing and disappointed her fans with a listless appearance.

Mariah Carey is currently going through a difficult phase: After she and Nick Cannon split this summer, the two are said to be divorcing soon. The singer and host of the show have two children, Moroccan and Monroe, so the separation is also about custody of the twins born in 2011. At first, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon were able to keep their marriage a secret from the press. But after it emerged that the former dream couple are going their separate ways, both stars are in the media spotlight.

Mariah Carey disappoints her fans at the start of the tour

Mariah Carey is supposed to make media publicity about her private life particularly difficult. At the first concert of her “Elusive Chanteuse” world tour, which began at the weekend, the 44-year-old disappointed her fans across the board with a listless performance, according to the “Gala.” Thousands of Mariah Carey fans gathered in Tokyo to enthusiastically hear the start of their idol’s tour. But the response was pretty poor.

Mariah Carey gives a bad concert

According to “”, Mariah Carey was able to visually convince – the singer appeared in several tight dresses as usual, sexy and elegant at the same time – but her singing skills left a bad impression on many fans. On Twitter, criticism goes against the ex-soul diva: That was it with Mariah Carey’s singing career. It is time to retire. He can no longer sing. No way”or “It is difficult to hear her. You should retire and save yourself the embarrassment “ were the sobering comments from the fans. Some recordings of his appearance in the Japanese metropolis can also be found on the video platform “YouTube”. There, too, there was a wild discussion about the Mariah Carey concert and her vocal qualities. The “You’re Mine” singer is scheduled to tour Asia, Australia and New Zealand until November.

Mariah Carey is already causing displeasure among her fans with her first concert of the upcoming world tour – a successful tour start looks different! It’s a shame the soul diva had such a weak performance. Perhaps the private stress is too much for Mariah Carey at the moment, so a break would be good for her, and fans might as well look forward to a laid-back entertainer kicking it off the stage.

Image Source: Getty Images / Bryan Bedder