Mariah Carey: la familia de Nick aprueba la separación

Mariah Carey: Nick’s family approves of separation

Mariah Carey: Nick's family approves of separation

Diva pose?

wantedon 08/29/2014 | 10:10

Even if neither of them have made an official statement about their split, it is now more than obvious that Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have split. Apparently his family is even said to be happy with this decision. Mariah Carey lets the rumors bounce and has fun with her kids at the amusement park.

Mariah Carey does not comment

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon haven’t seen each other in public for a long time. According to rumors, the marriage of the two stars has ended for several months. According to “Bunte,” the host of “America’s Got Talent” is said to have already admitted that “Trouble in paradise” rule, but neither of them has confirmed that they want a divorce. But Mariah Carey was seen again without her wedding ring. On her Instagram profile, the 44-year-old uploaded a photo that she and her daughter showed at an amusement park. The snapshot clearly shows that the “You`re Mine” singer now wears a magnificent butterfly on her fingers instead of her wedding ring. Slightly embarrassed, Mariah Carey holds her arm in front of her face so that her hand can be clearly seen without proof of marriage.

Mariah Carey with her daughter

Mariah Carey was upset with the diva’s behavior

Mariah Carey shouldn’t have made the decision to divorce Nick Cannon too difficult. According to “RadarOnline,” the show’s host’s family was never particularly happy with their choice of partner. Apparently, they should have more or less tolerated the soul singer. One alleged insider reports, among other things, that Nick Cannon should have gotten worse and worse over the course of the marriage: “His whole family wants him to leave Mariah because he was really miserable towards the end. They never got very close because she just didn’t bother. They accepted Mariah as long as Nick was happy. “ It is said that the problem was the diva behavior of Mariah Carey. So putting a line under the relationship was just a matter of form. “Nick and the whole family will be there for Mariah and the twins, but the relationship is over for him.”Said an alleged insider on the record.It seems the split was the only right move for Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon. Despite all the arguments, it can be assumed that both are going through a difficult time. One can only hope that they recover for the benefit of their children.

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