Marvel's Avengers: Beta sorprendentemente rompe el récord de PlayStation

Marvel’s Avengers: Beta surprisingly breaks PlayStation record

Image source: Square Enix.

Marvel’s Avengers Beta gives players a chance to catch a glimpse of the next superhero adventure. So many risked this look that now a PlayStation record has been broken.

Marvel Avengers

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Marvel’s Avengers Beta: Game Breaks Download Record on PS4

The release of Marvel’s Avengers is imminent, so far players have been able to get a taste of the action and adventure through a beta version. As publisher Square Enix now announces on its Twitter account, the beta version of the game has a PlayStation registration prepare. In the entire history of the console, no beta version of video games has been downloaded more frequently than Superhero Adventure:

This record includes all beta downloads worldwide on PS4. Square Enix does not provide exact figures and therefore denies interesting information about the exact scope. In a previous tweet, the editor had also Data on the number of players, playing time and opponents fought released in beta.

Bring in the Marvel Avengers PS Store Or check it out conveniently on Amazon, a free upgrade to the next generation of consoles is also included:

So have a total of six million players participated in the trial version and a Total playing time of 27 million hours. accumulated. However, this includes players from all platforms. Considerable statistics and if you look at the number of six million players, you can roughly estimate the dimensions in which the PS4 registry should move.

In this image gallery, you get an overview of all playable heroes from Marvel’s Avengers:

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Marvel’s Avengers: all playable characters and heroes

The Marvel’s Avengers beta appears to have been a complete success, based on these numbers. It remains to be seen if this PlayStation record will hold after the action adventure’s release. The opinions of the game by the players are at least mixed.