Mary-Kate Olsen: ¿está casada?

Mary-Kate Olsen: Are you married?

Mary-Kate Olsen: Are you married?

She said yes”?

wantedon 09/26/2014 | 09:55

They have been happy together for two years, have been engaged for seven months, and have been married a few days ago. Did Mary-Kate Olsen secretly say yes to her partner Olivier Sarkozy?

Although they are separated by an impressive 17 years, this does not seem to affect their great love. Mary-Kate Olsen and French businessman Olivier Sarkozy have been happy together for two years, and now they are said to have made their love official. As reported by “” among others, the two are said to have been married secretly, quietly and quietly.

Mary-Kate OIsen: Are you already married?

A paprazzo photo showing Mary-Kate Olsen and her alleged newlywed couple in the Hamptons sparks sweet wedding speculation. You can see the two lovebirds in intimate union, two small details speak for themselves.

Mary-Kate Olsen: Is it under the hood?

Two simple little gold rings on the respective left ring fingers. Need we say more? Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy seem to have said “yes” to each other. The two weren’t supposed to hang on to their marriage ceremony, after all, the Olsen twins are known for not living their private lives in public. But not only do the two little gold rings indicate that Mary-Kate Olsen and her partner are already married, “” wants them from a trusted source as well. Secret marriage confirmation have.

If it were really true that Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy are already married, they should both be congratulated! Not just for getting married, but for the fact that they have managed to carry out their ceremony completely unnoticed. For a happy future!

Image Source: Charley Gallay / Getty Images for Diane Von Furstenberg