Requisito de máscara: lo que se aplica a bebés y niños

Mask requirement: what applies to babies and children

Mask requirement: what applies to babies and children

Low Critical Mask Requirement – Dangerous for Kids?

Since the announcement of the mask requirement (also for children from the age of seven), more and more critical voices have been heard. Parents note that children cannot or should hardly be forced to wear a mask. Also, many children are unable to adhere to hygiene measures at all, rendering masks outdated.

That also agrees Pediatric President Dr. Thomas Fischbach on:

There may also be younger children who will accept mouth and nose protection, but the vast majority of them will see it as a toy and will handle it, increasing the risk of infection.

However, the biggest point of criticism among parents is that respiratory masks can be dangerous for children. Anonymous warnings on this topic can be found on Facebook, Whatsapp and company. He says harmful carbon dioxide builds up under the masks. This could lead to respiratory paralysis, especially in children. A pediatrician is said to have confirmed this, but no evidence can be found.

However, the carbon dioxide molecules are very small. Molecules can easily escape through mask material. Therefore, normal breathing should also be possible for children.

Pediatrician Michael Achenbach also gave the go-ahead in an interview with Bild:

In principle, there is enough air under a mask. […] not even for a single normal breath. An adult inhales an average of a liter of air at a time and even if that is significantly less in children with smaller lungs, they still need much more air than can accumulate under a mask.

It is important that the masks are not too tight on the face so that fresh air can penetrate through the sides, but that bacteria are not released directly to the outside when coughing or sneezing.

What conclusion then do pediatricians draw from this? At what age does the mask requirement make sense? According to Fischerbach, the mask requirement “from a developmental psychological point of view only makes sense from elementary school age.” At this age, kids can really cope.