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Mascara is simply part of your daily beauty tool. After all, it not only gives your lashes the necessary color, but it also lengthens them and gives them volume. But what is the right mascara for you?

Mascara is the absolute beauty staple – whether it’s serious during the day at the office or a bit more dramatic at the bar in the evening, many women wouldn’t even willingly do without mascara while exercising! We asked what skins are available and what they can do.

Mascara as you know it will turn 100 this year and it was actually invented by a man! Chemist TL Williams developed the mask for his sister Maybel to help her find the man of her dreams. The first mascara was made from petroleum jelly and charcoal powder and supposedly actually brought the aforementioned man to Maybel. Whether that was due to Maybel’s mesmerizing lashes or her increased self-confidence is an open question. Today, however, mascara can do much more than just dye your lashes black – they promise spectacular looks, incredible volume, and fantastically long lashes. Meanwhile, the selection is huge and the decision of the right product is not easy …

Which tabs need which ink?

There are so many masks! In order for you to find the best mascara for yourself, you need to take a close look at your lashes beforehand. Just stand in front of the mirror and look at your bare lashes, because they will tell you what mascara you need! If you have naturally short and straight lashes, you should, for example, get a lengthening ink that shapes your lashes upwards. The extra boost will open your eyes in the truest sense of the word! For long and less thick lashes, on the other hand, a volume mascara is the right choice. Visually compresses the hairs and gives them the necessary fullness. Aside from these prerequisites, what you expect from your mascara is of course also decisive: Should it be waterproof or look as stylish as possible, for example? We have the right ink guide for you!

There are different types of mascara

What mascara can do what?

The dramatic mascara

Do you dream of a dramatic look? Then you need a mascara that promises overwhelming volume! Masks with short, particularly thick brushes are best for this. They absorb a lot of color with the first ink and immediately immerse the lashes in a deep black. There’s only one tagline to underline this look: ink, ink, ink! But Caution: Because the mascara brush is so thick, it can easily lead to mistakes. For example, Max Factor’s “False Lash Effect Mascara” for around 8 euros is an eyelash ink for high volume and a dramatic look.

The elegant mascaraIf you want long, defined lashes, a narrow, straight brush is perfect for you. This allows you to get to the roots of the hair without accidentally painting yourself. The lashes are perfectly separated and optically extended.

An example of an elegant mascara for long and defined lashes is the “Illegal Definition Mascara” by Maybelline Jade for about 12 euros.

The mascara full of life

If your lashes are straighter and you want great curl and volume, you need a mascara with a curved brush. Since the coil of lashes is slightly curved, you can use it to reach even the finest hairs in the corner of the eye and simply comb them up. Also, it reduces the risk of makeup mistakes.

Astor’s “Big & Beautiful False Lash Look Mascara” promises volume and swing and costs around 6 euros.

The sports mask

Looking for a mascara that does what it promises while you exercise? Then you need a waterproof mascara that fits perfectly. The difference from normal masks is that they are not soluble in water, but firmly soluble. That is why they survive a visit to the pool or sauna. However, you should avoid over-cleaning, because even waterproof mascara will eventually reach its limits.

L’Oréal’s “Double Extension Waterproof Mascara” guarantees a perfect fixation in two phases and is available from 15 euros.

Applying mascara: dos and don’tsBefore you start applying your eyelashes, you need to clean them thoroughly. Otherwise, the mascara residue will distort the result and gradually crumble. Also, ugly fly legs can develop. In general, you should always inking from the inside out – this is how the perfect swing is achieved. You have to move the spiral long and evenly from the lash line to the tip. For more volume, you just need to make a zigzag movement with the brush. If you have naturally very light lashes, it is best to also apply them from above. As a result, the hairs are completely enveloped in color and look even darker. Inking the bottom row of tabs, on the other hand, is a bit trickier, as something quickly goes wrong here. But there is also a simple tip for this: hold the mascara vertically while inking and work carefully.

Remove mascara properly

It is very important that you remove the mask thoroughly every night before going to bed. On the one hand, to protect your bedding from annoying mascara residue, on the other, because washed lashes are not flexible and come off easily during sleep. With waterproof eyelashes, you should definitely use a special remover, otherwise you will not be able to remove it completely. If you ink daily, your lashes may suffer. Like your hair, you should also take good care of your eyelashes. The castor oil from the drugstore is real advice: it softens the lashes and also stimulates growth. Many masks also contain nutritious ingredients.

Apply deadly sins to lashes

Your mascara really belongs only to you! You definitely shouldn’t borrow it! In this way, bacteria and germs are transferred that can even cause serious eye infections. Also, when using the mask, always pay attention to the expiration date that is printed on the mask. An old lash coil becomes stiff and can stick your lashes.If you are putting on your lashes, you should also be careful not to make a pumping motion when filling the coil. You pump air into the canister and the mask dries faster. So take out the brush only once for each pass. Even wiping mascara to the edge has its drawbacks – leftovers dry out and then stick to fresh color. A simple cosmetic tissue can easily help.

A flourish for the eyelashes! You have an average of 400 lashes per eye and to put them in the right spotlight according to your wishes, you only need one thing: your perfect mascara! Masks are now true versatile talents and in order for them to get the most out of your lashes, you need to keep an eye on both the brush and the lashes.

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