Matt Damon está sudando por su cuerpo

Matt Damon is sweating all over his body

Matt Damon is sweating all over his body

Agent on the spot

wantedthe 04/02/2015 | 13:43

Matt Damon has no shortage of ambition. For the new part of “The Bourne Legacy”, the actor not only has to learn a lot of text, but above all he has to get his body in shape. Matt Damon has weeks of sweat and muscle aches ahead of him.

She is one of those Hollywood stars who really are not. Away from the spotlight and glamor, Matt Damon is a completely normal family man who likes to hang out with his kids. a scoop of ice cream in the park and a packet of chips in front of the TV at night grant. But sadly Matt Damon has chosen a profession in which a perfect body is something like the basic law and therefore the kilos have to drop again.

Matt Damon now needs a lot of discipline

Matt Damon really isn’t known for a hard six pack. He’s more of the type of man a woman likes to have a burger with and gets hugged when he’s really cozy. It is not surprising, After all, sport is not necessarily a favorite hobby. by Matt Damon. And this comfort, unfortunately, also leaves its mark on him. But that has to change now, because for the fifth part of “The Bourne Legacy,” the 44-year-old has to let his muscles wake up to a new life.

Matt Damon has to do without

Filming for the new “Bourne” movie has yet to begin, so Matt Damon has plenty of time to get back in top shape. In his role as Agent Jason Bourne, a fit body is a must, and Matt Damon knows it all too well. “If I play someone who has to be able to trust their body, then I have to ignore hot dogs, ice cream, and French fries for a while. As I see myself in my private life, nobody else does it for me ”, quotes the“ Viply ”actor.

The role of Jason Bourne is not unknown to Matt Damon, so he knows exactly what he was getting into with the fifth part of the action thriller. In the next few weeks Matt Damon will probably be at the gym more than at home, but for his viewers at least, the effort is definitely worth it!

Image Source: Getty Images / Brendon Thorne