Matthew McConaughey lleva a sus hijos a la alfombra roja

Matthew McConaughey takes his kids to the red carpet

Matthew McConaughey takes his kids to the red carpet

Award ceremony

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Matthew McConaughey is without a doubt one of the actors who put all his heart and soul into a movie. The Texan has already proven what he’s made of in countless movies and he’s compelling in every role. Matthew McConaughey has now been recognized for his career to date and celebrated this special moment with much of his family.

Matthew McConaughey has been successful for 21 years

It’s hard to believe that Matthew McConaughey has been in business for 21 years! With “Sweet Home Alabama” or “How I Get Rid Of It – In 10 Days”, the 44-year-old became famous and won the hearts of his female fans. For a long time, Matthew McConaughey was only associated with love comedies where he always played the womanizer, but there is so much more potential in him.

Time and time again, Matthew McConaughey appeared in thrillers and dramas in which he was able to show all his acting skills. Little by little it turned out that he is more than a heartthrob who embodies the idea of ​​a dream man. His distinctive face helped him land roles that go downtown, and since “Dallas Buyers Club” it has become clear that Matthew McConaughey invests all his energy in a movie.

Matthew McConaughey is an honor

Matthew McConaughey is supported by his family

Last Tuesday, Matthew McConaughey received the honor he deserves. As reported by “OK!” Magazine, the screen darling was honored at the “American Cinematheque Awards” for his 21-year acting career, and at such a great time, even a Hollywood star doesn’t want to be alone. . That’s why Matthew McConaughey not only grabbed his wife Camila and two of their children, but also his mother-in-law and her companion to celebrate the honor.

It’s not every day Matthew McConaughey appears with his entire family at a public event. The fact that he has now done so shows that this award means a lot to him and, thanks to the support of his family, Matthew McConaughey will surely be able to call other awards his own.

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